Wednesday, March 28, 2007

underwater ecosystem discovered in dorchester, ma

MaryCat discovered this amazing example of oceanic ecology in her new apartment. We are still unsure what the main food stuffs of these two organisms are. However, when the octopus was given a light squeeze, a liquid exuded from its filament-like tentacles. After extensive lab testing, we realized this liquid was dish soap. The sponge still isn't divulging its habits, even after we threatened to scrub the toilet with it.

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Constance said...

I made good on Jess's threat during spring cleaning yesterday. Taking my cue from all too recent US history, I put the sponge through a grueling regimen of physical abuse, alternately dipping it in vinegar and rubbing its entire body on unclean surfaces then covering it in abrasive, scouring powder and repeating the process, humiliation by repeating the process on the toilet and finally, a US army fave, threatening its family members with a similar fate in a few months when the urge to clean strikes again.

That sponge never said a word. wonder who trained him...