Friday, March 16, 2007


Hello--since cephalopods make up the title of this blog, I am guessing I should start immediately with pictures of them. Here are some pictures of a cuttlefish from my birthday last year when I dragged my boyfriend to the aquarium with me. I have a crush on the cuttlefish there. If you don't know this already, cuttlefish can rapidly (like in an instantaneous millisecond) change color all over their bodies. They kind of look like tiny flashing billboards. I'm sure ad companies are dying to figure out how to get one to flash a "drink Coke" sign on its body.

Even though these pictures make it look like the cuttlefish has been arrested for a crime (of which I am sure he is innocent!) and these are his mugshots, you can still feel the attractive allure of the cuttlefish. (Can't you?) And judging from the piles of dried cuttlefish in certain Asian markets, they are also very tasty. Not quite as cute when dried out, though.

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