Saturday, March 17, 2007


A very rare sighting was made in the kitchen this morning:

(WARNING: The following footage may be very disturbing for vegetarians and vegans. I apologize in advance for the strange ways that mother nature works.)

NATURAL HISTORY NOTES: The baconopod lay on the plate for a while, perhaps attempting to blend into its surroundings. It proceeded to open a can of tuna using its beak and made tuna salad. That appears to be its main staple. Then it oozed across the counter and went to sleep in the toaster oven. Upon further investigation, what is really amazing is that the baconopod appears to have nine bacon appendages. This may be a mutant baconopod, or a special adaptation for kitchen living. Only further study will tell us the answer.

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Constance said...

Bacon calamari. We must capture and devour this creature.