Wednesday, March 21, 2007

smoking kraken.

A close up of the caption (click on it if you need it bigger):

This picture is from the 1957 book, Kingdom of the Octopus: The Life-History of the Cephalopoda," by Frank W. Lane (Jarrolds, London). Apparently the word "kraken" refers to giant sea monsters in Scandanavian. I didn't know that. But now I plan on using the word kraken all the kraken time. I just love everything about this picture--from the way the men are grappling with the fake squid (and if you look closely to the left, there is a pair of disembodied arms operationg a joystick of some kind), to the fact the Mr. Lane HAS to point out that the "beak is wrong" on the squid. I bet if he said that to those set guys' faces he would have gotten his ass krackened.

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