Monday, March 19, 2007

octopus mimicus.

The humanity! The following is an example of what can happen to the unwary aquarium gift shop visitor. Please, make sure that neither you nor your loved ones fall prey to the Octopus mimicus. This octopus is not to be trifled with and has been wreaking havoc with the tourist industry for years. When the unsuspecting prey item (i.e. your aunt mabel) picks up the mimicus (thinking it is merely a soft, cuddly and vastly overpriced gift shop toy), the mimicus viciously attacks the head and neck of the victim. To date, there have been no survivors of these attacks. And there is nothing more disturbing than seeing someone you love, laying in a pool of blood in the aquarium gift shop, missing a giant piece of their head. It's enough to make you put down those magnets you were going to give as Christmas gifts.

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kelley said...

Another thing to beware of . . .transexual cephlopods. Apparently there are male cuttlefish who pretend to be female. They gossip, do your hair, swap lipsticks, and then impregnate you. It is a dangerous world out there. Who knew that sexual mimicry could lead to fertilization. For more details click the link below.