Friday, July 27, 2007

move over, weiners. make room for octodog!

Frankly (OH MY GOD, HA!), I can't believe I never heard of the octodog before. Have all of you been holding out on me? You have, haven't you! You've been secretly eating octodogs all along and haven't wanted to share! Bitches!

Okay, I've calmed down now. Anyway, last night I was at a bar, and an acquaintance was wearing an octodog shirt. When asked, he excitedly explained that it is this contraption that you put your hot dogs into:

And once you press your hot dog through (it's safe, kids!) you get this:

Look! It has little eyes!

If you are more into plating:

I was also told it works just as well for vegan dogs. So we can ALL enjoy octodogs!

I know. It's pretty amazing. Please take a breath. I had to. And then get your ass over here and get an octodog. And here is a pic of the sweet t-shirts that lead me to discover this amazing product:


Constance said...

Do we cook them before or after they go through the octo-dog?

also, there are typically 8 dogs in a package... coincidence?

Gina Bruce said...

ok - I am almost sick at my stomach. I have a completely irrational fear of octopus and squid.

but I can't find the name of my phobia.... do you know it?

Cephalopodcast said...

See also, cephalopods in a blanket.

RAD Homo said...

This is too funny--hate to burst anyones bubble or offend..but this gadget is kinda stupid...Who wants to see the inside of an hotdog? Dont you know its lips, asses and eyes all grounded up? ICKY!!!!