Monday, July 2, 2007

keeping your octopus entertained.

As we all know, a bored creature is a generally unhappy creature. While people can start blogs to combat the problems of boredom, what can our cephalopod brethren do to not fall asleep in their tanks?

The octopus known as Shania (oh my god, who named this poor creature? obviously a lover of pop country music), at the Washington National Aquarium dissembles smelt-filled Mr. Potato Heads for entertainment:

Meanwhile Ollie the octopus (note the improved name-must the British exceed us at EVERYTHING?) who lives at the Sealife Park in the UK has been given "lego" (for some reason British people do not use the term "legos") to entertain itself.

Other octopuses can be kept busy with the "squishing yourself out of a really tiny hole" trick. Which I sometimes have to do when I park really close to another car and am trying to get out of my car. I wish I could say it was the bones in my ass that prevented me from getting out, but I fear that is not the truth.

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