Tuesday, July 3, 2007

cephalopod fashionista?

While perusing boingboing today, I saw a post on "Diesel's 'bioluminescent mechanical cephalopod' runway show." Basically, the fashion line Diesel had their 2008 show in Florence, Italy. When I read the headline, I became a bit shivery with excitement (like a tiny terrier about to go for a walk). But the Youtube video was a little disappointing. It was 17 minutes long and I may have seen a cephalopod at minute 10:37, but everything else looked like angler fishes, models in little submarines, some deep sea worms, and a lot of jellyfish. Not that those rare and mysterious creatures (excluding the jellyfish and models, of course) aren't interesting--but don't put cephalopod in the title of your fashion show and then not deliver. There were some mechanical objects that might have been cephalopod like...but I'm not sure. Here is the video:

As I watched the video I had completely conflicting emotions. First I was like, oooh, fashion. And clothes! And cephalopods! My favorite ever! But then after a while, I wanted the giant holographic sea turtle to eat a model. Okay, maybe a few models, because we know eating one model would not be enough nourishment for a giant holographic sea turtle.

Plus the whole thing made me feel weird. On the one hand it was cool-everyone looked cool, the music was cool, the weird blue swimming things, although not cephalopods, were kind of cool. But, seriously, how is high fashion helping out the oceans? Will they give the jellyfish free Diesel hoodies? Will the models lovingly keep the angler fish in their giant Yves Saint Laurent purses (which they will have to pressurize.)? I doubt it. Perhaps it is just fashion and art and I should let it go. Or perhaps Diesel should donate some money somewhere for using all these images. Or perhaps someone should punch me in the face to tone down the self righteous hag that emerges from time to time.

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Mark Powell said...

ocean consciousness is good, i think, even if it doesn't have a conservation message.