Tuesday, April 24, 2007

octopus girl

Octopus girl is a Japanese comic about a girl made to eat octopus even though she is allergic to it. Not surprisingly, this turns her into a human head with octopus tentacles (I had a similar fear that broccoli would do this to me as a child). The reviewer at this site states that the comic is a mix of "horror and gore with comedy, the end result is something like 'Betty and Veronica' meet 'Night of the Living Dead' on the ocean floor." Sign me up!

I kind of want other comics about people force fed things they are allergic to, and then become that thing with their head squished on top of it. For instance "hay fever girl," "peanut girl" "dust-mite girl," and "environmental allergy girl" all seem like good possibilities.

Picture and review quotes from: www.pacificdreams.org

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