Sunday, April 1, 2007

ikea and its devilish fascination with cephalopods

Perhaps it is because Ikea is from Sweden, and sometimes giant squid wash up on shore in those northern parts that they feel compelled to make cephalopod themed items. And perhaps I would be more amenable to these items IF I HAD NOT SPENT TWO HOURS TODAY PUTTING TOGETHER A LAUNDRY HAMPER I BOUGHT AT IKEA. No, I'm sure that has nothing to do with it.

The first offender:
Please note the number of tentacles. Perhaps the other four were lost at sea, or in an attempt to assemble something with a terrible, teeny, tiny, ineffective allan wrench.

And then this:

I find this product more troubling because when I saw it at the ikea store, I kind of wanted it. And then I wondered what was wrong with me that I wanted to purchase any and all cephalopod related products. This one is apparently for hanging up one's socks to dry in the laundry room. The clips are sort of shoddy, which is why I did not impulsively buy it. (and the fact that I had been in ikea for an hour by then and my soul was DEAD.) But you could probably hang your dried cuttlefish from it in a pinch.

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