Wednesday, November 28, 2007

squid or treat

My roommate's old roommate (I can draw a lineage for you if you like) created an amazing squid costume for Halloween. I am not surprised by her cleverness, for I recall that one year she spent hours crafting a banana costume (that is now rotting in the basement).
Cole, you look squidtacular:
(though what are you holding? squid treats?)

This one shows that even squid will take public transportation to help save the planet. I can only imagine that is a nalgene bottle full of sea water?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Project Runsquid 4

I don't know how many of you watch Project Runway out there--it is one of my dirty pleasures that I like to engage in (when I'm not running around in a superpus costume). The first episode of season 4 was on Wednesday night. As they bio-ed the designers, I instantly disliked Christian Siriano, a 21 year old who thinks he is the dopest designer ever. Of course, I might dislike him simply because he is young and the dopest designer ever.

But then, I saw something that made me rethink my initial opinion. Here is a picture of him (standing next to an amazon model wearing what he designed):

The jacket makes me want to barf, but WAIT WHAT IS THAT A TATTOO OF ON THE YOUNG LAD'S ARM? Squint and you can see it:

Frankly, I'm not sure if this makes me dislike him more or less. There's no escaping it now, though--the hipsters have got the squids and they are not giving them back.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


My friend and I competed in a Pumpkin Festival 10K in Maine recently. The race people said costumes were encouraged, but I doubt any mere mortal could have been prepared for this:

I cannot take credit for the genius that is the Superpus costume, because my friend Richey made it. Truly, wearing it made me feel like running six miles was nothing. The cape especially helped. Oh, and on a side note, I ran in nylons, which is actually amazing--they keep you warm but not too warm like pants. I recommend the "sun tan" color.

I was so excited about my costume I tried to return to the ocean post-race. However, as soon as a wave hit me, I realized I was still human, which elicited this reaction: