Tuesday, September 4, 2007

An Octopus Fights Back at Nihonbashi Fish Market

My amazing friend Richey went to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco last weekend and saw this painting:

She also braved great bodily harm by taking a picture of the description label next to the painting
(You can also read the label at this link.):

For the record, I too would be very angry if someone stuck a spike in my head and tried to drag me to a fish market. I probably wouldn't be as successful at expressing my anger, though. Instead I would probably say something dumb like "You hurt my head. AND my feelings."

Also, my friend Richey is the same person who once called me and casually informed me that she had just run a half marathon dressed as an octopus super hero. To which I replied "Well, do you have pictures?" And she said "No." Who dresses up like an octopus super hero AND DOESN'T TAKE PICTURES???? MY GOD!