Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Run octopuses, run! The yuppies are after your tender tentacles!!!!

MORONG brought two articles from the NY times to my attention this morning (do you like how I don't even have to look for cephalopod stories? They just come to me! From the cephalopod fairies!)

Apparently cooking octopus is the new thing to do. You can click on the above link to see Mark Bittman man handling an octopus. Next, the curious cook is trying out different ways of prepping octopus. Apparently the best thing to do is brine it. Like a turkey. But it appears that no matter what, the octopus will turn out quite "gelatinous," a word I don't usually associate with "tasty."

I probably won't be trying out these recipes soon since I feel guilty eating octopus since I started this blog. I mean, someone who had a blog on how smart and cute and wonderful dogs are probably would stop eating them too. Even though hotdogs are so delicious.


Noadi said...

The poor little octopus in that picture.

Rik said...

on the other hand... There are also people with a less developed consience... like me... I love cephalopods, but will eat them too!
Check out my christmas starter from 2006!. In Dutch ofcourse, but with pictures!