Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hexapus alert! Hexapus alert!

The blog has been receiving a rash of six legged octopus sitings and reports lately. The first came from Rik, of the Netherlands. (If you have ever spent five minutes with me, you will find out I am 1/2 Dutch, so I'm excited Dutch people are reading my blog.) He sent in the following image, which was drawn by his colleague's six year old:

(Rik said there was more info with the picture, but that didn't come through, so if you have time, send it in, Rik.)

What I suspect is that this six year old was telepathic and already knew about Henry the Hexapus from London:

Don't you just picture the octopus having a Cockney accent? And complaining about the freakish eight legged octopuses in its tank? Thanks to Brendan for sending in the breaking news about the Hexapus!


connie said...

great attention to detail on the tentacles of the hand-rendered hexapus.

Mando said...

I read an article that Henry was not injured (thank goodness) but rather his lack of two limbs was a result of birth defect. Still lookin' just as good at his eight-legged buds in the next tank.