Wednesday, April 30, 2008

really big squid eyeballs!

do you ever lay awake at night wondering about the colossal squid they caught last year in antartica? well, they are finally slowly thawing it out in new zealand (so that it doesn't turn into squid oatmeal). they just took out its eyeballs, and not surprisingly, they are really big: 11 inches across (the pic is of the lenses, which are apparently orange sized).

Thanks to my dad for sending me this story from the nytimes!


connie said...

My human-sized eyeballs yearn to see more posts.

emmab@tepapa said...

Heya Jessica (& Connie)

Yay to your dad for sending you the story - I'm from Te Papa, the museum where we thawed the squid out. Turns out she's a girl :-)

We're in the final stages of getting her new display area ready - she and her tank get moved in next week. We open December 13 - can't wait!

Check out:

This is our new countdown site where you can see beautiful images of the gorgeous girl - these change everyday. You can also access our squid blog where we keep you updated on all the latest installation goings on - you might like that Connie :-)

It would be great for either of you to post comments!