Thursday, May 3, 2007


I made an interesting discovery in my homemade mac 'n cheese the other day:

I shall call this creature "pastapod," or "Octopus macoronus" as a proper name. I attempted to catch the wiley creature, but it quickly employed an escape route into the pasta. Check out its sweet camouflage:

But sadly, much like a clown fish in a dead coral reef, the pastapod is very obvious when it is removed from its habitat:


Matt Morong said...

Now that I'm done with school and unemployed, I'm going to spend all my free time waiting for new entries on cephalopod centerfold. It's tied for best blog in the world with edible, inedible. I learn something new every day!

Constance said...

Thank you Jessica for this timely lesson about conservation. Unless we protect natural habitats, we cannot expect to have these stunning and spectacular creatures with us much longer.